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Emergency Evacuation Mock Up Drill

As part of the precautionary emergency evacuation mock up drill scenario that the HSE team conducted at Trojan, our employees cooperatively participated in the drill scenario that took place on 25.02.2016 and commenced at 12:00. All the employees were evacuated from the precast and hollow core factory by alerting them by the manual alarm. An accurate headcount was then conducted as part of the process. The guideline team laid down the steps from the incident scene to the main gate for easy routing of the outside agencies.
The emergency rescue team then followed the action to search for any casualties and follow out on the rescue action, which was then supported by the medical team who arrived and provided the victim with medical assistance and then accompanied them to the hospital.
A debriefing was conducted by the Mr. Prijil, HSE Manager to all the workers to emphasise on the importance of being efficient and quick during such scenarios and also pointing out the lags that should be avoided in the case of a real emergency. The HSE Manager then expressed his vote of thanks to all the participants who actively attended this mock up drill and highlighted the importance of knowing the steps that can save many a life.

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